Swipe It! – A Burglar’s Quest

A classic, 2D, puzzle-platforming experience is now available on all iOS devices! Using an original gesture-based control scheme, play as the Burglar jumping and dashing through levels without on-screen buttons! Steal treasures from a wide variety of locations. Each level is bursting with branching paths and hidden treasures to find. Solve the hidden puzzles and collect the diamonds to unlock new areas! Put your wits to the test in mind-bending puzzle rooms! Each level has a unique mechanic and aesthetic. The game is filled to the brim with unique moments and challenges!

Swipe It! – A Burglar’s Quest features:

  • An original gesture-based control scheme designed for mobile devices
  • 12 Branching Levels with unique designs (and a hidden 13th challenge stage for expert players)
  • Unique environments and songs for each area
  • Hoards of coins and jewels to collect
  • 60 hidden diamonds that unlock new stages
  • Dozens of mechanics to create puzzles and challenges
  • A classic 8 bit art style

The game is free to download and has no in-app purchases. You can download the game and play the full experience for free! Click here to see it in the app store.