Space Seed is a top-down arcade shooter I co-developed with Solomon Ince. Dodge the asteroids and blast them to bits to gain points! Move using the AD keys, shoot with W, and roll using the left and right arrows. The aileron roll is faster than normal movement, but temporarily disables shooting. Press enter to start or pause the game. Click Here to play the game.

Playing With Fire is a two-player competition in which penguins volley a fireball back and forth. The penguins aren’t in danger of getting burned, but the ground is made of ice and might melt if they drop the ball! The controls for each play can be viewed from the main menu. Click Here to play the game.

Scramble is an endless runner in which you operate a variety of vehicles in order to protect the egg. Your only goal is to survive, but the vehicles you get and the obstacles you come across are both entirely random! The vehicles are all controlled using the keys A D and W, but each one moves differently. Click Here to play the game.